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Self Knowledge by Yogi Bhajan (spiralbound) i gruppen Böcker / Kundaliniyoga hos Miguru.se (BOK-KY-039-SELFK)

Self Knowledge by Yogi Bhajan (spiralbound)

Self Knowledge by Yogi Bhajan (spiralbound)

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Self Knowledge is a series of Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations compiled at the direction of Yogi Bhajan.

We are in the Information Age. Information is easy to get. Wisdom is more rare. This manual is a gateway to self-knowledge. It contains approaches you can use to experience the totality of your own self. Each meditation or set of exercises has an immediate positive impact. Especially remarkable are the ""Nine Minutes Meditations"", which are highly effective and easy to do. Yogi Bhajan said about these special Meditations that he waited a long time for the students and teachers to be ready for them, and that they are strongly recommended in our times. Those techniques, practiced regularly, give long-term positive development of your highest potential to live your own life fully and well.

Spiralbound, Format A4, 60 pages. Language: English.


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